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Zack loves his night light! (Pug Design A70)

Zack will "Light Up Your Life" in his Man Cave romantically lit by his new Night Light! Photo courtesy of Tracy C., NM

Photo courtesy of Jennifer B., VA.

Hey Melissa... I went and framed the posters ASAP. I absolutely love love love them. It worked out so perfect because the black pug picture really represents Molly's personality and then we have the poster of the two tan pugs which remind me of Oliver and my mom's pug Annie...too cute! Jennifer B. VA

Annie loves what she sees in her new compact mirror!

Hi Melissa!  Annie Bee loves what she sees in her new compact mirror! She is ready for her public today! Nancy M., TX

Midge the beautiful frenchie loves her compact mirror too!

Midge the beautiful Pied Frenchie loves Miss Annie Bee and who she see in her compact mirror too! Kristin M., CA

Zack loves his new stadium cushion! (Pug design A23)

Hi, Melissa
Zack seems to be your biggest fan lately! I just found him sitting on my Pug Notes cushion and now he is completely sprawled out on it and snoozing away. LOL Tracy C., NM

Photo courtesy of Lyn M., KS

Hi Melissa!
Well, we FINALLY got our nursery finished with our pug prints up (with two weeks maybe to spare!) I thought you'd like to see how the room turned out! Thank you again. They are a perfect addition to our nursery! Lyn M., KS

Photo courtesy of Beth M., TN

Melissa, I wanted to send you some pics of your drawings I used from a calendar I bought a couple of years ago. I saved the calendar to use specifically for this purpose. I absolutely love the prints, and everyone goes nuts when they see them over the crib. I also have a pug light switch cover and night light in the room. And lots of other pug art! It's adorable!! I'm hoping she will automatically be predisposed to loving pugs with them surrounding her in the room.   Sincerely, Beth M., TN

Photo courtesy of Nancy M., TX

Hi Melissa -
Guess what? I got my super cute super wonderful luggage flag today! I love the colors and the tag is nice and sturdy. Your art is so unique and cheerful. I can hardly wait to be admired and envied by the masses as my suitcase comes down the chute at Boston Logan next week.   I'm going to see my friend in New Hampshire who has a pug named Winston. It's the perfect accessory for a trip to visit a New England Pug.  Thank you so much! Nancy and the Piggies, TX

Tweedles loves her tote bag too!  She carries yarn in it everywhere she and her mom go! Photo courtesy of Georgie W., OR

Tweedles loves her tote bag!  She carries yarn in it everywhere she and her mom go! Photo courtesy of Georgie W., OR

Photo courtesy Michelle G., MA

Albert loves his tote bag!
Photo courtesy of Michelle G., MA

Salinger loves his Lazy Susan and is challenging his family to a game of Scrabble! Photo courtesy of Laura K., IN

Salinger loves his Lazy Susan and is challenging his family to a game of Scrabble! Photo courtesy of Laura K., IN

Sequoia and Tuni love their lazy susan!

Sequoia and Tuni love their new Lazy Susan.   Photo courtesy of Jenn C., VA.

Completed tile installation. Photo Courtesy of Linda R., CA

Photo of Daisy with her new tiles installed in her new mud room. Courtesy of Linda R., Simi Valley, CA

Photo courtesy of Allison S., RI

Mojo just loves her new Emmitt pug doll! Allison S., RI

Photo courtesy of Brooke T., AL - Pug Design A19

I love my new license plate! Thank you! Brooke T., AL

Pugsley and Lola love their Pug Art Calendar!

Pugsley and Lola just love their Pug Art Calendar!  Heather W., IN

My son loves his new pug pillow case! Jennifer W., CA

Photo courtesy of Jackie V., TX

Mattie Lynn enjoying "her" new pit bull pillow case.
Photo Courtesy of Jackie V., Abilene, TX

Tweedles loves her note cards!

Hi Melissa, I could hardly wait driving home tonight thinking the cards would be here when I arrived and they were! Thank you for sending them so quickly!  We opened them up and oooood and awwwwd at their quality and beauty!  We cannot wait to share them. Tweedles was so excited to see the little faces of those pugs (the inspiration coming from  Emmitt of course.)  She was sure little pugs were in the house!  They are all so beautiful. We are so happy that we chose 10 different ones from your collection. Now we will need more. Georgie W. & Tweedles, OR

Photo courtesy of Pat S., IL

Amanda, Matt and Maggie the Pug enjoying their new Story, Activity and Coloring books. Pat S., Montgomery, IL

Betty loves her 11 x 14 canvas!
Gunther & Stella love their 11 x 14 canvas!

Stella, Gunther and Betty love their 11 x 14 canvas transfers!  They even wrote a blog post about it.  How Fun! Shannon J., CA

Photo courtesy of Stacy W., IN

We love our 11 x 14 canvas transfer! Stacy W. & Brutus, IN

Mugs loves his bowl - Design A23

Hi! As you can see Mugs is enjoying the his first meal from his new dog bowl. Thanks for everything! It looks great! Linda B., AL

Harry loves his birthday present!

Harry loves his dog bowl!

Harry loves his new dog bowl he got for his birthday! He ate his cookie so fast, I do not think he even chewed it!  Heather T., AL

Signed prints and switchplate

I am attaching a photo of 2 of your prints and the wall switchplate that are on one wall of my office. It is such a comfort to me to come to work and be surrounded by my pugs. Diane T. and Madison, ID

16 x 20 poster -   Pug Design A25

16 x 20 poster - Pug Design A25
Photo courtesy of Bea W., ID


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